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cue federighi

Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi discuss the state of Apple software with John Gruber

On a fresh episode of The Talk Show podcast, Apple's top software executives drop some stats, crack some jokes, and promise they're fixing all those bugs.

macbook keyboard

Apple to replace defective USB-C cables that shipped with some 12-inch MacBooks

Got a 12-inch MacBook that you bought before the end of June 2015? You can expect to get a new USB-C cable from Apple.


Absolute zero: The coldest of takes on Apple

Ankle-deep takes delivered ice cold to your doorstep.

weekiniosapps copy 100525534 gallery 100578408 gallery copy 2

The Week in iOS Apps: Making weather simple

This week's roundup includes two different apps that aim to strip weather forecasting down to its barest essence.

iphone 5se iphone 5s

Report: The iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 will hit store shelves on March 18

Apple might be doing away with the normal online preorder period this time around.

apple beats 1

Dr. Dre reportedly filming an orgy-filled TV series exclusively for Apple

To find the creator and star of its answer to 'House of Cards,' Apple didn't have to look further than its own executive suite.

adobe cc logo

Adobe Creative Cloud bug deletes hidden folder contents on Macs

The company says it’s working on a fix.

ifixit iphone 6s

Error 53 has the best and worst intentions

A error that indicates your iPhone has been bricked is a good thing done wrong.

uber driver

Uber has to refund those so-called Safe Ride fees

You could get a little money back because Uber's driver background checks aren't really "industry leading."

foursquare new

Foursquare wants to send you food and groceries when you don't feel like checking in

Don't just order takeout via Foursquare, pick-up a six pack and paper towels as well.

grip and dock 01

Maclocks Grip and Dock iPad Security Stand review: Rugged iPad convenience

A two-part security stand that includes a hand grip and lockable docking station with fixed or rotation mounting.


The smart home isn't yet where Apple's heart is

HomeKit is a great start, but it isn't the connected home hub we've been looking for.

Generic snap for court issues

Apple's iPhone sued for infringing touch feedback patents

Haptic technology company Immersion has accused Apple and AT&T of infringement of three of its patents in the latest iPhone models and Apple watches

safari icon osx

Is there a way to sort Safari bookmarks?

A reader had her bookmarks switch to alphabetical order.