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Macworld Digital Magazine (U.S.) FAQ

How do I manage my account?

From the Macworld Customer Service portal (www.macworld.com/customer_service) you'll find everything you need to manage your account. You can view your account summary and subscription information, renew your subscription, change your account information (including your contact information and email) and more.

How do I subscribe to the Macworld Digital Magazine (U.S.) or purchase a single issue?

Once you have downloaded the Macworld Digital Magazine from the Apple Newsstand, ensure that your iPad is connected to the Internet and click on the Store Icon at the top of the navigation bar. Here you can purchase a Monthly recurring subscription or purchase single issues.

How do I look at a sample issue of the magazine?

After you have downloaded the magazine from the Apple Newsstand, a free sample issue will appear once clicking the library button found on the navigation bar. This bar appears when you tap the screen. Click on the Download button next to the issue. Once you have completed the download, clicking the Read button will bring up the sample issue.

I'm a subscriber to Macworld magazine in print. Can I get digital copies of Macworld magazine through the app as part of my subscription?

Yes! Existing print subscribers can take advantage of our limited time offer and get free access to the Macworld Digital Magazine Enhanced iPad Edition! And new subscribers can save 75% off the newsstand price and get access to the Enhanced iPad Edition for $21.97, for a limited time. For directions on how to get access to the Enhanced iPad Edition visit: macworld.com/subscribe/free_digital_access. If you would like a subscription of the Enhanced iPad Edition only, you can sign up for a monthly recurring subscription for $1.99 via the Apple Newsstand.

How do I use bookmarks in the magazine?

If you would like to bookmark a page, simply tap on the upper right-hand corner of the page you wish to bookmark. All of the bookmarks that you have set for an issue appear in the Bookmarks button on the navigation bar. The bar appears when you tap the magazine page.

I have a subscription to digital copies of Macworld magazine that are provided through Zinio. Can I get those issues in the Macworld Digital Magazine app instead?

No, the subscription processes are different. If you prefer to receive Macworld digitally through this iPad app, you'll need to cancel your existing Macworld subscription (subhelp@macworld.com) and subscribe using the Macworld Digital Magazine app, instead.

All of the text disappeared on the screen.  How do I get it back?

Many of the articles have artwork underneath. Double-tapping the text hides the text allowing you to see the underlying image. Double-tapping again brings the text back.

What do I do if I encounter a problem that isn't mentioned here?

Send an email to Macworld.com Customer Service at sitehelp@macworld.com. Please describe the problem with as many details as possible, and be sure to answer the following questions:

Please don't contact Macworld for questions or technical support about your iPad itself. Since Apple makes and sells iPads, please contact Apple for support issues about the device or iOS.