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Jobs on Apple's strategy: "To innovate." Mentioned that competitors are restructuring and downsizing. Apple, Jobs said, sees the future. "We are not gonna stop." Apple has a lot more ideas for digital hub applications, said Jobs. The digital hub is the future of the PC.

SuperDrive model ships the end of the month, Combo drive ships in February, and CD-RW will ship in March. Apple is taking orders. Genentech has ordered 1,000 new iMacs.

Three models: 700Mhz, 128MB, 40GB, CD-RW - $1,299. 700MHz, 256MB, 40GB, Combo, $1,499. 800MHz, 256MB, 60GB, SuperDrive, $1,799.

"Let each element be true to itself." 10.5 inch diameter base opens from the bottom using four screws, upgradable to 1GB RAM, AirPort card goes in the bottom too.

iMac screen is mounted on an articulated chrome arm that keeps screen parallel. User can also adjust angle and swivel 180 degrees. Tray-loading optical drive with all connectors in back. Power supply inside too.

nVidia GeForce 2 MX with 32MB RAM. USB, FireWire, Ethernet, Modem, AirPort antenna, microphone, headphone jack, internal speaker, pro speakers on some models.

SuperDrive now available on high-end model. DVD-R discs available for $5 a piece ($24.99 for a 5-pack).

G4 processors running at 700 or 800MHz.

15" LCD flat screen across the line. 1024x768 resolution, millions of colors. "The official death of the CRT today."

New iMac: The ultimate digital hub. The run the suite of digital hub applications better than ever before.

iMac: Three year evolution from introduction to today's iMac. 6 million units have been sold in that time. "One of the most popular computers ever."

iBook: 500/CD, $1,199. DVD model eliminated. Combo/600 for $1,499. New top-end model comes with 14" LCD, 600MHz, 1.35 inches, 5.9 lbs - $1,799.

"iPhoto completes our suite of digital hub applications."

iPhoto avaialble for Mac OS X; free download from Available today.

iPhoto automatically lays out photo collections into a 20 page book catalog that can then be printed as a hardbound book. Six different book designs are included. Books are printed via Apple as 9 x 11.25 inch layout, acid-free glossy paper and linen cover in your choice of color starting at $29.99; delivered in a week. Up to 50 pages (past 10 pages costs more, though).

iPhoto can also be used to order up prints from Kodak's online print service.

Integrates with iTools; users can build pages based on iPhoto catalogs locally then publish them with one button click. Print supports contact sheets, greeting cards and other modes.

Jobs then demonstrated cropping with optional constraining to specific aspect ratios; black and white mode. Preferences can be reset to open the editing application you choose if you prefer not to use the built-in tools.

Demonstrated iPhoto; iPhoto automatically launched after camera was connected, shares some common interface themes with iTunes, like a left-hand catalog window (Jobs called them "playlists for pictures"). images in individual libraries are displayed in groups, thumbnails can be resized by using a slider. Imports are assigned to "film rolls" as they're collected from the camera.

iPhoto also stores and organizes photos. "Save, organize and share."

Fourth digital hub application: iPhoto. iPhoto automatically imports photos, catalogs and displays photos from USB and FireWire-equipped digital cameras. Also sports easy to use editing and printing features. Supports ColorSync, as well.

"What about the digital camera?" In 2001 6 million digital cameras were sold in the US alone. 30 percent of the market excluding one time use cameras.

More than 8 million copies of iTunes have been distributed.

Over 1 million blank DVD-R discs have been sold by Apple since the introduction of iDVD and the SuperDrive a year ago.

Digital Hub: Personal computers will be the center (digital hub) of our new digital lifestyle. Rolled out strategy in January 2001. iMovie 2, iDVD and iTunes all add utility and capabilities to lifestyle devices like DVD players, video cameras and MP3 players. Jobs then demonstrated the apps.

Jobs: "It's time." Starting today, all new apps with Mac OS X as the default operating server. Mac OS 9 will still be included -- will be completed across product line by end of January.

Lucasfilm: Dan Gregoire. Video of George Lucas explained that Lucasfilm depends on Macs and OS X to previsualize shots used in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Demonstrated scenes with full textures and lighting in Maya, rendered out in layers to After Effects. Used for over 4,000 shots.

Aspyr Media: Released 10 new games for the Macintosh last year; lot more planned for 2002. Demonstrated Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone. Available in a couple of weeks. Announced The Sims: Hot Date, available early this year. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds is coming, as well,.

Mathematica: Theodore Gray, Wolfram. Demonstrated software running calculations and animations. Totally Mac OS X native, uses Quartz graphics engine. Produced side-by-side comparisons of animations in and out of Mac OS X -- OS X animation was notably smoother.

Final Cut Pro 3.0: Demonstrated running natively in Mac OS X. Software-based transitions happen in real time. Titling effects, too. Software based real time color correction. All works on desktop systems and PowerBook G4s too.

Palm: Todd Bradley, COO. USB cradles now ship with all Palm models. Demonstrated Palm Desktop software working on OS X. Palm Desktop 4.0 beta now available for download from Palm's Web site.

"We will bring all of our applications integrated into Mac OS X." Photoshop was then demonstrated working natively in Mac OS X. InDesign 2.0 is now in release candidate testing, and is expected to ship soon.

Shantanu Narayen, Adobe executive vice president: All applications are going to take advantage of the Mac platforms. Best of breed applications are the focus. After Effects 5.5 is now shipping for Mac OS X. GoLive 6.0 and LiveMotion 2.0 were also announced, both native on Mac OS X.

Mac OS X: More Mac programmers drawn to Unix, more Unix programmers drawn to Mac OS X. 2,500 applications have been released so far, 40 percent increase within the last 90 days.

Apple has closed a deal to equip all 7th and 8th graders in Maine with iBooks. Largest education order in history -- 36,000 iBooks. "1 down, 49 to go."

Macworld Expo is expected to draw 80,000 visitors. Apple stores clocked 800,000 visitors in December alone.

Apple retail stores: Opened 27 stores by end of calendar year 2001. "Even more" planned for 2002. 40 percent of customers buying Macs at stores haven't had Macs before.

iPod: Thrilled with success. Shipped first on Nov. 10. In less than sixty days, Apple has sold 125,000. "Stocked out" in several places in US.

Steve Jobs: "We have some great things to announce today."

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