The Big Box of Art now Mac OS X

Digital image provider Hemera Technologies have updated their The Big Box of Art to offer native support for Mac OS X, while still continuing support for Mac OS 9.

But now, The Big Box of Art leverages the advanced graphics capabilities and the reliability of Apple's newest operating system, said David Hood, CEO of Hemera, in announcing the update. Effective immediately, all shipments of the Mac version of The Big Box of Art will provide Mac OS X support. Customer who have purchased The Big Box of Art can update their software to the Mac OS X native version by downloading a free update. An additional update is available for Mac OS 9 users who want to benefit from new functionality that takes advantage of the power of QuickTime.

So what's The Big Box of Art? It's an image collection that includes such goodies as Hemera Photo-Objects, clip art, illustrations, professional stock photos, Web graphics and more.

This story, "The Big Box of Art now Mac OS X" was originally published by PCWorld.

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