QT Live: Totally Hip kicks off pre-show conference

Totally Hip Software led the charge at this year's QuickTime Live conference in Beverly Hills, kicking off the pre-show conference with a session on their flagship product, LiveStage Pro.

The session, attended by QuickTime developers, university professors and resellers from the U.S., Canada and Japan, focused on the structure of QuickTime and how QuickTime is used as a media container. David Gratton, Totally Hip vice president of Marketing and Sales also showed attendees how to integrate media such as Photoshop layers and jpegs to create a presentation.

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"This conference is fabulous. If you're into deployment, you have the experts on hand to ask the questions and get the right answers," Gratton told MacCentral. "This conference is all about education, networking and understanding the whole process."

Gratton also talked to attendees about wired sprites and what they are all about, as well as Flash and how it is used with QuickTime.

LiveStage Pro is designed for developers and digital media producers. It can be used to create interactive QuickTime movies and video for the Internet, CD-ROM, DVD or anywhere that QuickTime plays. Features of LiveStage Pro include: Interactive media skins that allow for delivery of custom interfaces; Flash 4 support for integrating Flash with all other QuickTime media including video; XML support for the dynamic creation of content or movies; Server side connectivity for database support and movie generation; Over 70 wired actions to be added to the QScript including reference guide, tutorials and sample projects; New and enhanced QuickTime track and media types; and Upgraded user manual including reference guide, tutorials and sample projects.

Totally Hip Software also has an interesting promotional idea that was apparently rejected by conference management as the event started. When asked for details on the promotion, Gratton only smiled and said they would be going ahead as planned later this week.

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