Road Tools ships new CoolPad

Road Tools, a company that makes laptop related products, is now shipping a new version of the original US$19.95 Traveler CoolPad that's more stable with Apple's PowerBook and iBook and all other wide body laptops, according to Jim MacEachern of Road tools.

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It's available in black or white and can be ordered from the company's Web site. (Also, most Staples stores have the black New Traveler CoolPad in stock now.)

"The new version of the Traveler CoolPad is basically the same as the original rectangular CoolPad, but now it's a trapezoid and weighs about nine ounces," MacEachern told MacCentral.

The Traveler CoolPad is designed to easily fit in any laptop bag. It offers the ability to pivot 360 degrees, and heat dissipation by natural convection. It increases the airspace around your PowerBook or iBook, as well as elevating the back. On the bottom are small rubber pads that "grip" onto surfaces. The CoolPad's teflon bearing allows you to easily pivot your laptop.

This story, "Road Tools ships new CoolPad" was originally published by PCWorld.

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