Mac OS X on-screen keyboard ready

Niemeijer Consult has announced that, KeyStrokes, its on-screen keyboard software for the Mac, is now available for Mac OS X.

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KeyStrokes for Mac OS X works by drawing a keyboard image on the display and using a mouse, trackball, head pointer or other mouse emulator to type characters into any standard Macintosh application. For those who can position the pointer, but not click the mouse buttons, an integrated and system-wide dwell-based utility allows mouse button clicks to be entered by simply holding the cursor motionless for a programmable period of time. With KeyStrokes for Mac OS X a person who can only use a mouse or mouse emulator can have complete access to the Mac, the Internet, "and by extension the world," Niemeijer said.

KeyStrokes works with all standard Mac OS X applications (including those running in Classic) allowing a person with a disability to type virtually anywhere a hardware keyboard can be used, company spokesperson David Niemeijer. It automatically adjusts to US and international keyboard layouts and has multiple resizable keyboard models. Plus, it handles command-key combinations, dead-keys, and modifier keyclick combinations.

The suggested introductory retail price for KeyStrokes for Mac OS X is US$195. This price also includes a copy of KeyStrokes 2.2 for applications running natively on Mac OS 7.1 through 9.2. Discounts will be available for users of KeyStrokes 2 and for volume purchases. For more information and a fully-functional downloadable demo, go to the product page.

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