New Eudora betas available

At last, new public betas of Qualcomm's popular e-mail client software Eudora are ready for download, including a new version of their Mac OS X software. Eudora 5.11b22 is now ready for download, with separate binaries offered for "Classic" Mac OS users and users of Mac OS X.

Each new beta build fixes dozens of problems -- far too many to list here -- so check the read me files (posted along with links to the download itself to see if specific problems you've been having are addressed in these new versions). And remember, this software is being offered in public beta versions, and as betas may behave in ways that wouldn't expect release software to work.

In December of last year, Eudora creator and Qualcomm vice president of technology Steve Dorner apologized to Mac OS X users for Qualcomm's lagging support of a version of Eudora native to the new operating system.

"Many people have noticed that new betas of the OS X version of Eudora have not been coming at exactly breakneck speed," said Dorner. He added that Qualcomm planned to have a final version of Eudora for Mac OS X ready sometime early in 2002.

This story, "New Eudora betas available" was originally published by PCWorld.

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