Marketcircle releases DayLite for Mac OS X

Marketcircle -- a company that develops, markets and supports Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions -- has released Marketcircle DayLite, a contact and customer relationship manager designed specifically for Mac OS X.

It's offered as a single user version (available now), as well as a relational database driven multi-user version (coming this summer). According to Alykhan Jetha, president and CEO of Marketcircle, Marketcircle DayLite features include template-based correspondence; relationships between contacts and organizations; opportunity management with visual sales funnel and forecasts; appointment, event, call and task scheduling; and a plug-in architecture for import/export.

Using customizable toolbars, you can configure DayLite to provide only the functionality you need. You can display multiple contact cards simultaneously by double clicking in the list views. You can hide and unhide list columns, as well as select which side you prefer your views (for example, days on the right, contacts on the left, or just use the whole window for one view).

For even more detail with Marketcircle DayLite, you can open multiple viewers on the same database or file. You can also select multiple, disjoint days using the mini calendars in the drawer. With the app, you can also drag to create appointments at the desired times; double click in a time slot to create a default one-hour appointment; and click and drag appointments to reschedule (to another time, or another date altogether).

Contacts have many fields that can be revealed by opening various drawers. For example, a contact may have an unlimited number of phones, addresses, roles, relationships, etc. You can open multiple viewers on the same database or file. Marketcircle DayLite lets you sort, filter, hide and unhide different columns. Plus, you can double click contacts to compare or view details.

You can schedule calls, appointments and tasks for a contact, then set a reminder so you won't forget. You can relate a contact to another contact or organization and/or establish the role played in a organization, project or opportunity.

Marketcircle DayLite lets you determine a type of reciprocal relationship: employee/employer, mother/son, husband/wife, etc. In fact, a contact can have multiple relationships and/or roles. You can add to the standard set of roles and relationships by defining your own reciprocal relationships and roles in the utility drawer

You can customize the standard templates of Marketcircle DayLite by adding your own images. Plus, you can merge keys by double click in the drawer. The template can be saved to the database so everyone has access to it. If you've chosen to make a template that applies to contacts, then only those merge keys are displayed.

Marketcircle DayLite saves the resulting merge document in the database that's linked to the contact. You can e-mail in cross platform PDF format or print the document.

DayLite uses an industrial grade SQL database engine (OpenBase) for its group functionality. And it uses a record locking strategy to prevent conflicts in multi user environments. Once saved, changes are automatically reflected to other users viewing (but not editing) the same record.

Marketcircle has taken advantage of Mac OS X-specific elements, such as customizable toolbars and drawers, to allow the user to choose the level of depth with which to use the application. A trial version is available at the Marketcircle Web site. Registration is US$85 ($45 for education customers.)

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