Aladdin ships Spring Cleaning 5.0

Aladdin Systems Inc. today announced the release of Spring Cleaning 5.0, the latest version of its "uninstaller" software.

Spring Cleaning has been developed to clean Macs and protect online privacy, according to Aladdin. The new version is now optimized for Mac OS X and sports more than 16 tools that enable you to safely remove hard drive and Internet clutter.

New features in 5.0 include:

  • Drag and Drop capabilities -- All 16 search tools in Advanced Mode include drag and drop to perform actions and faster searches on a specific volume or folder
  • Customizable searches -- Find any type of file while using special actions
  • Cookie Editor enhancement -- CookieTosser/Internet Cache Finder now edits by creation date, server name and automatically delete cookies from selected servers every time the feature is run
  • System Menu for Mac OS X -- A desktop menu bar gives immediate access to all Spring Cleaning searches
  • QuickCompare optimization -- Compares Mac OS X files AND folders and application packages
  • Mac OS X optimization -- Greater performance with support for application packages/bundles, extensions, support for long file names and larger file sizes, and more...
  • Root Access allowances -- Mac OS X feature gives extended access privileges
  • Search Filter access -- Easier access to search filter settings both before and after a search
  • Extended Standard Mode features -- Advanced Mode actions now accessible within Standard Mode
  • Spring Cleaning 5.0 is available for $49.99. Upgrades from previous versions of Spring Cleaning and iClean are available for $29.99, either directly from Aladdin or via a $20 mail-in rebate when purchased through retailers. Cross upgrades are also available to registered owners of Mac disk utilities from Symantec, Micromat, Alsoft, Webroot and Casady & Greene. Visit the Web site for more details.

    Spring Cleaning 5.0 requires a PowerPC-based Mac, Mac OS 8.6 or higher (including Mac OS X) and at least 8MB of RAM.

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