NECC: Onadime demos Composer on the Mac

Onadime is demoing Onadime Composer at this week's 22nd annual National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in San Antonio, TX.

Onadime Composer is a Mac based interactive real-time multimedia tool-kit. You can use it to create new forms of entertainment in distributable software packages called Onadime Compositions. Onadime PlayerPlus automates live performance of Onadime Compositions and enables QuickTime export of Composition output. Music Visualization Compositions respond to live music, MP3s, CDs or any sound your computer can detect. Using Onadime Composer, Onadime music visualizations can be packed with MP3 files for a complete audio-visual experience that can be delivered over the Web. Onadime "live response" music visualizations are available at the Onadime Web site.

Onadime Composer, which is optimized for the Power Mac G4, uses MP3s, CDs, live music, live video, canned video, 2D graphics, QuickTime and MPEG movies as input to visual effects and contains a full implementation of MIDI music. The user hears and sees what is produced by Composer immediately. The regular price is US$199.95. The latest version of the Onadime FreePlayer is available at the Onadime Web site.

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