MWNY: MATLAB, Simulink for Mac OS X previewed

The MathWorks is exhibiting MATLAB and Simulink for Mac OS X at this week's Macworld Conference & Expo in New York City. The products are due for release next month, and a MATLAB Student Version for Mac OS X is due in six to nine months.

Those in the engineering and science field have long wanted MATLAB to come to the Mac platform. MATLAB provides core mathematics and advanced graphical tools for data analysis, visualization and algorithm and application development. Widely used by engineers and scientists, it has over 500 mathematical, statistical and engineering functions.

It's an integrated technical computing environment that combines numeric computation, advanced graphics and visualization and a high-level programming language. MATLAB includes functions for data analysis and visualization; numeric and symbolic computation; engineering and scientific graphics; modeling, simulation and prototyping; programming, application development; and GUI (graphical user interface) design.

MATLAB is used in a variety of application areas including signal and image processing, control system design, financial engineering, and medical research. The open architecture makes it easy to use MATLAB and companion products to explore data and create custom tools that provide early insights and competitive advantages, according to The Mathworks.

Simulink is an interactive tool for modeling, simulating, and analyzing dynamic systems. It enables you to build graphical block diagrams, evaluate system performance, and refine your designs. Simulink integrates with MATLAB and is tightly integrated with Stateflow for modeling event-driven behavior. Simulink is the tool of choice for control system design, DSP design, communications system design, and other simulation applications, the Mathworks gang said.

"The MathWorks is forging a new relationship with Apple that will continue to drive benefits for researchers, scientists, engineers, and educators worldwide," said Cleve Moler, the original author of MATLAB, and the chairman and chief scientist at The MathWorks. "Using MATLAB for programming, numeric computation, and data analysis and visualization will greatly benefit these communities."

Beyond the Macworld event, The MathWorks and Apple will collaborate on several marketing activities this year, including "Info Days," half-day seminars which will include hands-on workshops to be held at select universities and government labs around the United States.

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