Mac OS X-bootable ABSplus backup systems ship

CMS Peripherals noted that the Mac OS X-bootable version of its FireWire-based ABSplus backup system is now shipping. The new version of the ABSplus was previewed at Macworld Conference & Expo in New York City this past month.

Available from resellers for suggested retail prices of US$299 and up, the ABSplus is a hard disk drive-based backup subsystem for Mac OS X computers that is totally automatic. It's also billed as the "first ever backup solution and restoration/recovery system for Mac OS X with complete system bootability."

Once the ABSplus is installed through some initial software setup, it's totally automatic -- you simply plug in the ABSplus to an available FireWire port on your Mac, and it launches a backup. You can also use the ABSplus as additional external storage for your Mac and CMS claimed that the drive is fast enough to use for streaming audio and video as well.

Capacities for the ABSplus range from 20GB - 60GB in "pocket" drive sizes. CMS also makes desktop models in capacities from 40GB - 160GB.

This story, "Mac OS X-bootable ABSplus backup systems ship" was originally published by PCWorld.

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