MWNY: Entire BIAS audio line now Mac OS X native

Berkley Integrated Audio Software (BIAS), an audio software technology firm, is showing its entire line of pro audio production software -- all available now for Mac OS X -- at this week's Macworld Conference & Expo in New York City.

"We were eager to get our audio products up and running on Mac OS X so that our customers could reap the benefits of more features, power and performance than was previously possible on earlier versions of the Mac OS," said Steve Berkley, CEO and president of BIAS."

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BIAS released of Peak DV 3.0, the digital video edition of the digital audio editing application, in November 2001, making it the first pro audio application available for Mac OS X. The full version of Peak 3.0 shipped in the first quarter of 2002, and Peak 3.1 is being released later this month. Earlier this year BIAS also shipped one of the very first Mac OS X-native VST audio plug-ins: the SuperFreq 10-band paragraphic EQ.

In June the company released Deck 3.5, the Mac OS X-native version of the multitrack recording editing and mixing application. Deck 3.5 is the very first surround-capable multitrack digital audio workstation available for Mac OS X, Berkley said. And this week BIAS is announcing that Vbox 1.1, its audio signal processing control environment, is now available for Mac OS X.

Finally, BIAS also announced Peak 3.1, a new version of the award-winning digital audio editing application. This upgrade adds support for QuickTime 6, encoding audio with Dolby's AAC, and several other feature enhancements. Based upon the recently released Peak 3, Peak 3.1 is native for Mac OS X and will also run under Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x. The upgrade will be available free of charge for owners of Peak 3.

Peak 3.1 includes several other feature enhancements, including a Duplicate command, which enables automatic repetitions of audio material within a file. The Duplicate command is useful for loop-based composition as well as other instances where audio is repeated, Berkley said. Peak 3.1 also adds user-definable contextual menu support, a way to access relevant menu commands within the application.

The update includes enhanced WAVE file support. Markers, loops regions, and other information are all maintained within WAVE files created within Peak and opened in other WAVE-compatible applications. Additionally, Peak 3.1 now supports Broadcast WAVE files with Broadcast Audio Extension chunks and 24 bit WAVE files.

BIAS Vbox (previously available for Mac OS 9 only) is a graphic control environment for VST plug-ins with the ability to combine, repatch, and mix multiple VST plug-in effects. It integrates into any VST host program -- including BIAS Peak, BIAS Deck, Steinberg Cubase, Steinberg Nuendo, Emagic Logic, and others -- for real time effects processing. Vbox also works as a free-standing application that can process and save audio files -- or even record, process, and save a live feed.

Peak has a suggested retail price of US$499. Deck has a suggested retail price of $399.00, and Vbox has a suggested retail price of $99.00. BIAS offers entry-level editions of Peak and Deck, Peak LE and Deck LE, each for $99.00. Bundle editions are also available, including a professional edition, BIAS Studio (Peak, Deck and Vbox) for $799) and BIAS Studio LE (Peak LE and Deck LE) for $179) Visit the BIAS Web site for complete details on upgrade options and pricing.

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