MWSF: AEC Software launches Project Converter site

AEC Software Inc., a company that develops and publishes business productivity software, has launched a free online service that converts Microsoft Project files into FastTrack Schedule files.

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The new Project Converter Web site offers a four-step submission process that lets users upload up to three Microsoft Project files simultaneously for conversion. Once uploaded, AEC Software's online servers convert the Microsoft Project files into FastTrack Schedule 8 files, and return the converted files to users via e-mail. There's no charge for using Project Converter. Nor does it require the installation or licensing of either Microsoft Project or FastTrack Schedule.

In addition to the Project Converter, AEC Software offers other methods and tools for exchanging project data between FastTrack Schedule and Microsoft Project, including a free Project Exchange Wizard and new XML support within FastTrack Schedule 8.0.3, a new update to FastTrack Schedule 8. For more info on FastTrack Schedule 8.0.3 and the Project Exchange Wizard, go to the AEC Web site.

This story, "MWSF: AEC Software launches Project Converter site" was originally published by PCWorld.

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