DayLite gets ACT! importer, MailDrop integration, more

Marketcircle has released a new version (1.3) of DayLite, its contact and sales management software for Mac OS X. The update includes an ACT! importer, label printing, new manual, and more.

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DayLite features include template-based correspondence; relationships between contacts and organizations; opportunity management with visual sales funnel and forecasts; appointment, event, call and task scheduling; and a plug-in architecture for import/export. Using customizable toolbars, you can configure DayLite to provide only the functionality you need. You can display multiple contact cards simultaneously by double clicking in the list views and you can hide and unhide list columns, as well as select which side you prefer your views (for example, days on the right, contacts on the left, or just use the whole window for one view).

DayLite 1.3 sports a Windows-based ACT! exporter tool that will extract all data from ACT! files and let you copy them to your Mac, then import them into DayLite with the new ACT! Importer. The exporter can understand ACT! 2000 and version 6 files. Earlier versions, including ACT! 2.8 for the Mac, need to be converted. To convert your database, you can open it in ACT! 2000 or version 6, then export.

Over 800 preset label types in DayLite 1.3 lets you choose from US Letter or A4 sized paper, create you own address templates, format the text, customize the label dimensions and print. You can print labels for any contact or organization.

Groups have been extended to allow for campaign management. You can now manage large groups of leads that you need to qualify, monitor sales campaigns, or drive marketing campaigns. Groups can now have subgroups, which themselves can have subgroups. Subgroups can be dragged to other groups. Each group record can have unlimited associated time blocks and tasks, unlimited file or web references and custom sets.

The Organizations feature in DayLite has been strengthened to enhance account management. Organizations can now be linked to opportunities and projects; they can also have time blocks and tasks associated with them.

All phone calls made with DayLite's auto dialer can now be recorded as tasks. You can time the call, link the call-task to an organization, group, opportunity or project, and instantly create a follow-up task for the phone call.

Version 1.3 adds MailDrop Integration. You can send any or all DayLite contacts to MailDrop. In MailDrop, these DayLite contacts will be imported into a new mailing, ready to receive a plain text or HTML e-mail.

There's also revised Address Book syncing. Organizations can now get synchronized with Address Book companies, if chosen in the preferences. There's an interactive conflict resolution window to help you choose which record to keep when both the DayLite record and the Address Book record have been modified. If the unique checker finds multiple matching records during a sync, there's an interactive duplicate resolution window to help you choose which record to synchronize with.

With DayLite 1.3, you can now filter on both categories and keywords simultaneously and set new categories and keywords on multiple objects at the same time. You can purchase DayLite online. The DayLite Business Edition is currently being offered for US$149. Version 1.3 is free to registered users.

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