MYOB offers QuickBooks switchers $100 off AccountEdge

With the message, "Don't twitch, switch," MYOB US Inc. is offering QuickBooks users a $100 on their purchase of MYOB's competing small business accounting software, AccountEdge.

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Intuit recently resurrected QuickBooks Pro for Mac with a new v5 release -- the first version of the software package for the Mac in years, with changes including Mac OS X support. QuickBooks has received steady Windows support over the years, however, which caused many Mac users to switch. With QuickBooks Pro back on the Mac, many Mac users have been interested in switching back -- only to find that the new Mac version of QuickBooks has no way of importing data from its PC counterpart.

This quandary has left those folks "twitching" in frustration, according to MYOB. Their solution? Switch to AccountEdge version 3 instead. Now through the end of March, MYOB US Inc. will offer QuickBooks users who buy AccountEdge a $100 rebate, through a form you can download from the MYOB US Web site.

By the way, MYOB includes with AccountEdge a free conversion utility to bring their QuickBooks Windows data to the AccountEdge. The company claims it works in about five steps. What's more, AccountEdge purportedly offers complete feature and file compatibility between its Mac and Windows counterparts. And if you buy AccountEdge, you can also request that your accountant get a free copy in either Windows or Mac OS-compatible flavors.

AccountEdge features integrated payroll capability, support for vCard data, multi-user support, and more. The software carries a suggested retail price of US$249.

This story, "MYOB offers QuickBooks switchers $100 off AccountEdge" was originally published by PCWorld.

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