Snap boosts storage capacity without raising prices

Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions provider Snap Appliances Inc. today announced that its line of NAS products has been enhanced with up to 33 percent more storage capacity than before, without raising the cost of the devices.

Snap Appliances CEO Jim Schraith said his company is responding to the corporate need for increased storage demands, while reducing IT budgets.

"These higher capacities, along with the enhanced feature-set of the Snap Operating System, give our customers an extremely high return on investment versus traditional NT-class server purchases," said Schraith.

The Snap Server 1000 is now available in either 20GB or 40GB configurations, with suggested retail prices of US$499 and $799 the same as they were before. The 2000 model now supports 80GB of storage capacity with either RAID 1 or 0 support, for $1,399. The rack-mountable 4100 model, which takes up 1U of rack space with support for RAID 5, 1 and 0, has been increased to 160GB for $2,999 or 300GB for $4,499.

The Snap Server itself is an entirely self-contained networkable file server storage device. It's built on a UNIX foundation, and utilizes an embedded OS. Designed as an alternative to a traditional file server, which is bulkier and typically far more expensive. The Snap Servers are designed to be unpacked and hooked up to the network in minutes, using Web-based administration software. The Snap Servers support various networking protocols for different operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows, NetWare and UNIX/Linux.

Snap Servers are available from leading distributors, VARs, catalog retailers, or online via the Snap Store.

This story, "Snap boosts storage capacity without raising prices" was originally published by PCWorld.

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