Package Tracker now compatible with Mac OS X

Intelli Innovations has updated their multi-carrier package and parcel tracking/management solution, Package Tracker, to version 3.0, Carbonizing it for Mac OS X.

The update also sports a redesigned QuickTrack window that displays only relevant information for a specific package in a new, hierarchical list view, according to Paul Scandariato of Intelli Innovations. New fields have been added to the Tracking Lists, including internal tracking ID, notes field for customer information and shipping information. A new e-mail tool sends tracking information to customers with one click.

Package Tracker 3.0 also offers integrated city/state and Zip code look-up (it works both ways), a domestic rate calculator for basic U.S. Postal Service info, and a developer API. The latter includes AppleScript examples, a REALbasic module, FileMaker Pro sample databases, and an Apple event implementation guide

Pricing is US$34.99, with upgrade pricing available for licensed users of earlier versions. Only electronic downloads are available now; however, Package Tracker will be shipping on CD-ROM starting next week (though you can pre-order now). For details and online purchasing, go to the Intelli Innovations Company Store.

This story, "Package Tracker now compatible with Mac OS X" was originally published by PCWorld.

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