GretagMacbeth unveils Eye-One color management system

GretagMacbeth today announced the Eye-One, a new color management package designed for creative professionals.

Using Eye-One, you can scan colors from any source to create color palettes. Palettes can then be shared with others by exporting them to popular design applications. GretagMacbeth explained that the Eye-One system defines colors as spectral data, providing comprehensive info that can be translated regardless of media type or lighting.

Eye-One is capable of creating profiles for any device, including flat panel displays. The product includes a scanning ruler that enables users to measure their printer test charts; users can utilize Eye-One's profiling wizard software to simplify the profiling process.

Eye-One includes a USB-based measurement device that is compatible with both Mac OS and PCs. GretagMacbeth also said that a Mac OS X version of the software to drive the Eye-One measurement device is expected to be released in June, and will be available as a free upgrade.

Eye-One is available in three versions: Eye-One Monitor, US$600, designed only for profiling monitors; Eye-One Pro, $1,500, designed for measuring both reflective and emissive colors; and Eye-One Pro with Eye-One Match, $3,000, which also adds the ability to profile output devices. All Eye-One products include Eye-One Share, a freeware color palette creation utility, and also come with the Pantone digital library.

GretagMacbeth said that the Eye-One product line is available through the company's existing distribution channel, as well as major mail-order catalogs.

GretagMacbeth will be demonstrating Eye-One at Seybold Boston 2001, which happens this week at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Mass.

This story, "GretagMacbeth unveils Eye-One color management system" was originally published by PCWorld.

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