MWNY: Onadime Composer now shipping

Onadime is showing its patented Onadime Composer technology this week at Macworld New York. The company says it represents a "breakthrough in human expression."

First previewed at Macworld San Francisco 2000 and now shipping, Onadime Composer is a Mac-based creative toolkit that links sound, visuals and movement using real-time drag and drop programming. It's designed to let users create new forms of entertainment in distributable software packages called Onadime Compositions. Onadime PlayerPlus automates live performance of Onadime Compositions and enables QuickTime export of Composition output. Music Visualization Compositions respond to live music, MP3s, CDs or any sound your computer can detect. Using Onadime Composer, Onadime music visualizations can be packed with MP3 files for a complete audio-visual experience that can be delivered over the web. Onadime "live response" music visualizations are available at the Onadime Web site.

Onadime Composer uses MP3s, CDs, live music, live video, canned video, 2D graphics, QuickTime and MPEG movies as input to visual effects, and contains a full implementation of MIDI music. The user hears and sees what Composer produces immediately.

Onadime Composer delivers three resources in one product: Onadime Visual Link Language (OVALL), Real-Time Digital Canvas, and Live Performance System. According to the folks at Onadime, the most dramatic feature of OVALL is live-action programming. Digitized images and sounds interplay with other entities and events.

The Onadime Composer makes complex technology accessible to non-programmers because you can see changes instantly, Mitchell said. This unique live dynamic environment distinguishes Onadime from other products and established a new multifaceted art form "that will transform the future of creativity," he added

"Our intention at Onadime is to broaden the scope of human expression," he said in a statement. "The Onadime Composer integrates what you see, what you hear, how you move and feel into one new multidimensional form of expression-a form that is open to everyone"

Onadime has been used at such events as the Millennium Celebration in Times Square, New York, Induction Ceremonies at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the California Music Awards, and the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

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