Sonigistix intros new $99 Monsoon MH-502 speakers

Sonigistix today introduced a new audio system for computers called the Monsoon MH-502. The three-piece system features Sonigistix's trademark flat-panel audio technology, and has a suggested retail price tag of $99. The MH-502 system is an upgraded and improved version of the popular MH-500 model.

Sonigistix Vice President Woody Jackson explained that the MH-502 sports improved output, imaging and high frequency performance compared to the MH-500 series.

"With a 2dB increase in volume over the former product, a new on/off power switch integrated into the subwoofer, and the performance improvements we have made to our core technology, this system provides the cleanest sound available at this price," said Jackson.

Monsoon speakers utilize Planar Focus Technology, or PFT. Sonigistix claims that PFT improves stereo imaging by focusing sound at the listener and minimizing reflections produced by hard surfaces that rest laterally adjacent to the speaker.

The amplified speaker system is comprised of two desktop satellite speakers, each equipped with a 2.5-inch midrange cone driver and a dipole-radiating transducer, as well as a 4-inch subwoofer and a remote volume control "puck." Sonigistix's Monsoon MH-502 system uses a 1/8th-inch analog stereo "mini" jack for audio input, making it compatible with just about any source, Mac or otherwise, that sports a headphone output jack.

This story, "Sonigistix intros new $99 Monsoon MH-502 speakers" was originally published by PCWorld.

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