Sonigistix intros Monsoon MH-505 surround system

Sonigistix Corp. today announced the Monsoon MH-505 Flat Panel Surround System, a six-piece surround sound speaker system designed for desktop applications. Although it's designed optimally to support a Dolby 5.1-equipped computer system (which isn't yet supported on the Mac), Sonigistix noted that the MH-505 system will work on all four-channel soundcards as well, like Creative's Sound Blaster Live! for Macintosh.

The system incorporates the vaunted Monsoon Planar Focus Technology, which the company claims yields a more focused stereo sound field directed to the listener. The MH-505 feature the trademark Monsoon flat-panel speaker design, as well.

Available with a suggested retail price of US$179, the 120 Wmax (85 W RMS) MH-505 system includes a new bandpass subwoofer that Sonigistix said provides increased bass performance with limited distortion. It also has a "Surround Sound Control Module" that enables users to manage master value, bass volume, rear-front fader, and mute. It also provides a headphone jack, for private listening.

The MH-505 includes 4 flat panel speakers with 3x5 inch PFT transducers and 2.5 inch mid-range cone drivers. A 2.5 center channel satellite and the bandpass subwoofer are also included. Look for the MH-505 to hit Monsoon retailers or the company's e-store after today.

This story, "Sonigistix intros Monsoon MH-505 surround system" was originally published by PCWorld.

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