DNA Strider strides to new version

DNA Strider has been updated and a Mac OS X version is in the works. DNA Strider is a software program designed to automate and simplify analysis of DNA sequences.

"It's my go-to software for any handling of DNA files, including switching between other programs," MacCentral reader Michael Kane told MacCentral. "I probably use it hundreds of times more that any other program except for perhaps Sequencher (also a brilliant product and the best of its kind). It is still simple, but very elegantly done, flexible, and inexpensive."

There's no URL for DNA Strider. For more info you'll have to contact the author, Dr. Christian Marck of the Service de Biochimie et de Genetique Moleculaire in France.

This story, "DNA Strider strides to new version" was originally published by PCWorld.

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