Former Computer Town store to become new Mac vendor

Computer Town, the Salem, NH-based computer dealer, may have closed its Nashua, NH, store but the location will still be home to a computer store. And one that sells Macs, no less.

"Bitznbytes Computer Center has the medallion for the Nashua location and have a site already in place," Robert Molway, president/CEO of Bitznbytes told MacCentral. "We plan on opening in a very short period of time, within five to six weeks under the Bitznbytes Computer Center logo."

Bitznbytes has been a computer dealer and service center since 1979. Having sold computers since the introduction of the first Apple, Bitznbytes has been widely known as Central New Hampshire's primary computer dealer and service provider. In April of 1995, Bitznbytes was purchased by The Molway Corporation and continues to do business as Bitznbytes Computer Center under the ownership of Molway.

"We stock hundreds of software titles for Mac and PC (we aim to be the biggest Mac gaming software reseller in New England) and dozens of different Mac and PC computers, monitors, and accessories," Molway said.

This story, "Former Computer Town store to become new Mac vendor" was originally published by PCWorld.

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