Infogrames completes Hasbro Interactive acquisition

International computer game publisher Infogrames Entertainment SA today announced the completion of its acquisition of PC game publisher Hasbro Interactive. Infogrames first announced plans to acquire Hasbro Interactive in early December.

The deal, valued at US$100 million, puts one of the most formidable brands in the computer game industry under Infogrames' control. Infogrames gains more than 250 new titles under the deal, with licensing access to 600 Hasbro franchises. Hasbro's marques include Atari, MicroProse, and the domain. Infogrames also obtains a long-term licensing agreement with Hasbro Inc., giving the French publisher exclusive rights to publish interactive games based on current and future Hasbro properties.

Infogrames' North American concerns include popular Macintosh game and utilities publisher MacSoft. Last summer, MacSoft entered into a thirteen title licensing deal with Hasbro Interactive which secured them rights to publish Mac versions of popular casual games like Scrabble, Jeopardy and Monopoly, among many others. It is unknown at this time as to how the merger of Hasbro Interactive into MacSoft's parent company will affect future licensing plans, but all signs up until now have pointed to a positive outcome.

Calling Hasbro Interactive "an ideal partner," Infogrames chairman and CEO Bruno Bonnell said that the two companies' shared vision made them a natural fit.

"The completion of the acquisition is extremely exciting for us, as it fits perfectly with our corporate strategy of building the premier publisher of digital interactive entertainment for the whole family," said Bonnell.

Hasbro Interactive is expected to utilize the Infogrames name and branding strategy immediately. More details about how the company will be integrated into Infogrames are expected to be provided in the coming weeks.

This story, "Infogrames completes Hasbro Interactive acquisition" was originally published by PCWorld.

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