Ravens used Macs for Super Bowl preparation

Macs were used to help the Baltimore Ravens prepare for their Super Bowl trouncing of the New York Giants, according to a SunSpot.net story

"Huddled over one of the team's Macintoshes last Friday," Ravens quarterback Trent Dilfer asked the computer to show him every time the Giants blitzed the opposing quarterback during the playoffs, the story said. Plus, the clips were dredged from the Ravens' vast digital archive and projected onto the wall.

"You can do anything on this thing," Dilfer told SunSpot.net, punching up Giants man-to-man plays when the blitzes ended. ("This thing" is apparently one of the Macs in question.)

Ravens head coach Brian Billick is considered one of the NFL's modern pioneers in "marrying" coaching and computing, according to the article. John Dube, the team's video director, and his staff use a Mac to chop up digitized game tape into individual plays, then annotate each play with basic stats such as the down, who touched the ball and what happened on the play. When they're done, the Ravens' coaches add even more data -- until each clip carries more than 30 different pieces of information about the play, the article said.

"On Macintosh computers spread throughout the Owings Mills training complex, coaches and players can quickly pull together custom video clips to study -- say, every time an opponent was third and short, or kicked a field goal, or fumbled," reports SunSpot.net.

Hmmm. Perhaps if Yours Truly (a Nashville-based reporter) can convince the Tennessee Titans to get a complex full of Macs, next year's battles with the Ravens will turn out different ...

This story, "Ravens used Macs for Super Bowl preparation" was originally published by PCWorld.

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