Apple Music Event Webcast now available via QuickTime

Monday's Apple Music Event at San Francisco's Moscone Center was covered live by MacCentral, but if you'd rather see for yourself what happened, you can now watch a Webcast of the event courtesy of Apple. Apple is hosting the MPEG-4 Webcast in QuickTime.

During yesterday's event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced iTunes 4, a major new upgrade to Apple's popular free digital music jukebox software for Mac OS X. iTunes 4 sports a variety of new features like the ability to share playlists via Rendezvous, Apple's zero-configuration networking technology, encoding using Dolby's Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) format, display album art and more, but the biggest new feature is support for iTunes Music Service.

iTunes Music Service is Apple's own commercial music service feature more than 200,000 songs from leading commercial artists representing all of the five major music publishers in North America. The service requires no subscription fee, and lets users download songs for $0.99 each.

What's more, Jobs also unveiled new iPods. The new iPods sport a new button layout, solid-state touch wheel across the entire line. What's more, they're slimmer and lighter than previous models, and available in larger sizes -- 10, 15 and 30GB. The mid and high-end units also feature docks that provide FireWire recharging and data/music exchange and audio line out capabilities, as well.

To watch Jobs' entire presentation, visit the Web site above.

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