iChatUSBCam connects USB cameras, iChat AV

Ecamm Network has released iChatUSBCam v1.0, a new utility to enable iChat AV users to operate USB-based Webcams instead of FireWire-based cameras.

iChat AV -- Apple's public beta of its new sound and video-equipped instant messaging software -- enables users to see and hear each other using mics and FireWire-based cameras, like Apple's own iSight and DV camcorders. Many users have USB-equipped cameras, however, which left to iChat AV's own devices won't work.

iChatUSBCam works with iChat AV, to compensate for this dilemma. As a result, most QuickTime video sources work for video conferencing, according to the software's developers, and in some cases systems that are below Apple's minimum system requirements for iChat AV will work.

The software presumes that your USB-based Webcam is still operating with Mac OS X, but just in case, the developers have linked to Web sites where you may be able to download drivers to get your defunct USB Webcam to work.

iChatUSBCam is actually a module for Application Enhancer (APE), a freeware software program for Mac OS X available for download from Unsanity. It's available as a demo download; if you're happy with iChatUSBCam, you're asked to pay US$9.95 to register it. There are a number of caveats, so make sure to read the documentation thoroughly before applying this software.

This story, "iChatUSBCam connects USB cameras, iChat AV" was originally published by PCWorld.

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