Planar touch-screen displays to be Mac-compatible

Monitor maker Planar Systems Inc. on Thursday announced a new line of touch-screen LCD displays. While the displays are initially compatible only with Windows PCs, Mac support is forthcoming, MacCentral has learned.

The new PT models come in 15- 17- and 19-inch flavors, and sport resistive-touch systems that makes them useful for interactive information kiosks, point of sale terminals, and other spots where direct contact with the display is preferred to using a mouse or keyboard.

All of the new Planar touch-screen displays include VGA interfaces, which will work on most recent Power Macs and PowerBooks, though some may require DVI-to-VGA cables to connect. The 19-inch display also supports direct DVI input. The monitors are VESA-compatible and can be mounted on VESA-compliant arms or wall displays.

The US$699 PT150MU features a 15-inch screen with native 1024 x 768 pixel resolution and a 400:1 contrast ratio. The PT170MU is a 17-inch display with 1280 x 1024 resolution and a 500:1 contrast ratio, for $949. The PT191MU also has a 1280 x 1024 resolution and 500:1 contrast ratio, and it retails for $1,299.

The units utilize USB for touch-screen input, and as they're shipping now, they require various versions of Windows to work. Mac support is on the way, according to Planar.

"Planar is working on the drivers and expects to have full Mac support across its PT line in three months," a spokesman told MacCentral.

This story, "Planar touch-screen displays to be Mac-compatible" was originally published by PCWorld.

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