Snapz Pro X v1.0.9 fixes Panther bugs, more

Ambrosia Software Inc. updated its versatile screen capture utility for Mac OS X Snapz Pro X to v1.0.9. A free update for registered Snapz Pro X users, this release may be the last before a major upgrade that's currently in the works, according to the company.

Using Snapz Pro X, Mac OS X users can capture screen images and (with an optional upgrade) QuickTime movies of their applications in use. Users can choose whether to capture the whole screen or just specific objects like windows or menus; they can set what format to save the screen shot as and various other features as well. Snapz Pro X is a useful tool for documentation, tech support and other occasions where it's necessary to capture what's happening on your display.

The new version of Snapz Pro fixes "a number of minor issues" that affected Panther compatibility according to Ambrosia. Also corrected is a freeze bug related to certain Macs and configurations. A problem with multi-byte languages (like Japanese and Korean) has been fixed on Panther, and the Internet-based version checking feature has been removed. You can find a complete list of changes on the Ambrosia Software Web site.

"Barring any bugs introduced by new system software, this will be the last version of Snapz Pro X 1.0.x. We're actively working on Snapz Pro X 2.0.0, with many major new features, as well as radically enhanced movie capture speed," said Ambrosia Software. Screenshots of the new version in development have been posted to The Web site.

A note to users who received a free copy of Snapz Pro X with their Mac: "If your computer came bundled with a free copy of Snapz Pro X, the bundling deal is between Apple and their customers and includes the version of Snapz Pro X that shipped with their machine," said Ambrosia.

The company sells the full registered version of Snapz Pro X at a discount for users wishing to upgrade.

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