BBEdit update adds refresh preview command

Bedford, Mass.-based Bare Bones Software Inc. on Tuesday offered an update to their flagship application BBEdit. The new version of BBEdit, v7.1.1, is ready for download from Bare Bones' Web site and is a free update for registered users.

BBEdit is Bare Bones' premium HTML and text editor for the Mac. It incorporates powerful editing, searching, transformation and manipulation capabilities. The last major update, 7.0, added Concurrent Versions System (CVS) source control and many other new features.

The new version of BBEdit adds a new "Refresh BBEdit Preview" command, which is used to refresh the contents of a BBEdit Preview window when files have been changed outside BBEdit -- linked images, for example, or style sheets.

The new release also fixes reported issues and adds minor enhancements and refinements. You can review the release notes online.

BBEdit carries a suggested retail price of US$179. Discounts, upgrades and cross-upgrades are available.

This story, "BBEdit update adds refresh preview command" was originally published by PCWorld.

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