offers 'Learning Adobe After Effects 6''s latest QuickTime-based training workshop is now available. "Learning Adobe After Effects 6" with Lynda Weinman offers an overview of the standard version of Adobe's After Effects 6.

Topics covered include paint effects, text layers and other basic to intermediate features, according to the company. You'll be able to create animated compositions using keyframes, effects, masks and track mattes, integrate Photoshop and Illustrator work, use text layers, paint effects, 3D layers, lights, multiple cameras, expressions, parenting, compositing and more.

"Learning Adobe After Effects 6" has been published on CD-ROM compatible with Mac and Windows systems, and includes more than 6 hours of content. It costs US$99.95. You can view a sample online as well.

If you prefer, you can buy an "Online Movie Library subscription" from for $25 per month that provides you with unrestricted online access to the content on "Learning Adobe After Effects 6" and more than 3,300 other movie-based tutorials covering 33 different software programs.

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