Rogue Amoeba updates audio software

Rogue Amoeba Software LLC has updated its Audio Hijack Pro, Audio Hijack and Nicecast applications for Mac OS X. Audio Hijack lets you record the audio output of any application on your Mac, Audio Hijack Pro lets you record and enhance audio with digital effects, and Nicecast allows you to broadcast music to the Internet.

The new 1.3 release of Audio Hijack Pro adds a fix for recording iTunes when crossfades are on. The 2.1.1 update to Audio Hijack adds an Advanced Hijacking Options dialog and makes several bug fixes. The new 1.5.1 version of Nicecast adds support for reading Ask the DJ track titles, improves AppleScript support and more. All updates are free for registered users.

This story, "Rogue Amoeba updates audio software" was originally published by PCWorld.

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