FastTrack Schedule 8 localized for Japanese

AEC Software Inc. on Friday announced that the Japanese language version of its project management software FastTrack Schedule is now available.

FastTrack Schedule 8 features Gantt chart support, a Calendar View that lets you display projects in a monthly calendar format, "AutoFit" formatting, customizable bars and milestones, custom layouts, a Resource View mode that shows assignments and resource usage, and much more. The software is cross-platform compatible between Mac and Windows, and requires Mac OS X v10.1.3 or higher or Mac OS 9.1 or higher.

Specific changes to the Japanese version of FastTrack Schedule 8 include support for the Japanese Imperial Date system, along with localized menu commands, alert messages, manual and online help. The software has been fully translated and localized by A&A Co. Ltd., AEC's Japanese distribution partner, which sells the product for ¥42,000.

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