Tapwave Zodiac game device update makes Mac connection

In early April software developer Mark/Space Inc. announced The Missing Sync for Tapwave, a software application that enables users of Tapwave's Zodiac game console and PDA to work with the Macintosh. Now the other piece of the puzzle is available: Tapwave on Tuesday announced its Tapwave System Software 1.1 release, which is also needed in order for the device to work with Macs.

The Tapwave Zodiac is a hardware-accelerated game console that utilizes Palmsource Inc.'s Palm OS as its operating system. In addition to a stylus, the Zodiac features an analog thumbstick, directional pad and action buttons. It uses Motorola's i.MX1 ARM 9 processor and ATI Imageon graphics acceleration. It combines both game play abilities with personal information management software and connects to Macs or PCs using USB or Bluetooth. It's also expandable with SDIO, MultiMediaCard and Secure Digital (SD) expansion cards.

Beside Mac compatibility, the Zodiac 1.1 update additionally provides the ability to play MP3 music in the background, features "Quick Launch" capabilities, and other changes made in response to user feedback. In conjunction with The Missing Sync for Tapwave, Zodiac users can synchronize data with their Macs, install downloadable games using drag and drop and sync game high scores using a Palm Desktop conduit.

Tapwave also announced that its console and software would be available in June 2004 from CompUSA retail stores. Tapwave plans to release 10 new premiere titles by the end of the year along with 60 to 75 "Tapwave Certified or Tuned" titles -- Palm-compatible games that have been adapted to run optimally on the Zodiac.

The Zodiac is available in two models -- a 32MB system costs US$299 and a 128MB system costs $399. Until June, you can order the Zodiac from Tapwave's Web site. The Missing Sync for Tapwave is available from Mark/Space and costs $39.95. The Zodiac 1.1 update is a free download from Tapwave's Web site.

This story, "Tapwave Zodiac game device update makes Mac connection" was originally published by PCWorld.

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