Remote Internet scheduling comes to EyeTV

Elgato partner Decisionmark Corp. has introduced a new Remote Scheduling feature for its programming service that's now supported with a free update to the EyeTV software, available for download from Elgato's Web site. EyeTV lets Mac users record TV programs to their hard drives; is the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that enables EyeTV users to see what's scheduled. Remote Scheduling lets you schedule programming for your EyeTV from any Web browser. The transaction occurs through a TitanTV Remote Scheduling Server, which the EyeTV software running on the remote Mac periodically pings for update schedule lists.

The new software update, v1.3.7, is qualified for use on both USB-based EyeTVs and FireWire-based EyeTV 200, 300 and 400 recorders. Elgato advises that EyeTV USB users will need to run auto-tune again and recreate their recording schedules, however.

This story, "Remote Internet scheduling comes to EyeTV" was originally published by PCWorld.

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