Griffin ships radioSHARK

It was more than a year ago, at Macworld CreativePro Conference & Expo in New York, that Griffin Technology Inc. first announced the radioSHARK, a USB-powered desktop AM/FM radio with Mac and PC-compatible software that included time-shift recording capabilities and the ability to automatically synchronize with iTunes. At long last, the product is shipping -- about a year later than Griffin originally said it would.

"So it's a little late," admitted Griffin Technology CEO Paul Griffin. "When you're developing new products from scratch, sometimes you run into unexpected speed bumps along the way -- it's the nature of the business. That said, the radioSHARK is a very cool product that I think people are going to love. It's the product that 'I' wanted to make and ultimately was worth the wait."

The radioSHARK is named for its memorable fin shape, which acts like an antenna. A software application manages tuning, presets and the ability to record broadcasts for later listening. Recordings are automatically synchronized to iTunes so you can transfer files to the iPod. RadioSHARK costs US$69.99.

This story, "Griffin ships radioSHARK" was originally published by PCWorld.

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