Keyspan Express Remote supports AirPort Express

Keyspan on Wednesday introduced the Keyspan Express Remote. It's an infrared remote control with a receiver that connects to a Mac or PC through USB. It can also connect to the USB port on Apple's AirPort Express wireless networking interface, enabling users to remote control their iTunes playback even if the Mac's in another room. Keyspan plans to ship the Express Remote in mid-November for US$59.99.

The Express Remote sports 17 buttons and includes key maps to help control iTunes, QuickTime, PowerPoint and other multimedia applications. Apple's AirPort Express is an 802.11g wireless base station that has an audio output jack that can connect to a home stereo. Thanks to a feature of iTunes 4.7 or higher called "AirTunes," the AirPort Express can stream music from networked Macs or PCs. When the Express Remote is plugged in to the AirPort Express' USB port, users can control the iTunes songs that are being played back through the AirPort Express itself.

This story, "Keyspan Express Remote supports AirPort Express" was originally published by PCWorld.

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