InfiniBand comes to PowerPC Linux

Yellow Dog Linux maker Terra Soft Solutions on Wednesday announced that it's offering High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters based on their own Y-HPC operating system and Apple's Xserve G5, complete with InfiniBand high-speed networking interfaces, thanks to the development of a new 64-bit driver that enables InfiniBand devices to work on Y-HPC. Y-HPC is a special implementation of Yellow Dog Linux intended for high performance computing clusters and other applications.

InfiniBand is a high speed communications architecture that is perhaps best known to Mac users because of its use in the "System X" supercomputer built at Virginia Tech's Terascale Computing Facility -- the system was first developed using Power Mac G5s and now uses Xserve G5s. InfiniBand was also in the Mac news earlier this week when high-speed Mac networking company Small Tree Communications announced InfiniBand-based solutions compatible with Mac OS X.

Terra Soft has partnered with SBS Technologies to provide InfiniBand cards and switches for systems running Y-HPC. The companies claim that SBS's InfiniBand products offer eight times the performance of Gigabit Ethernet and more than three times the performance of other proprietary interconnecting technologies. Companies interested in implementing a Y-HPC system with InfiniBand connectivity are asked to request a quote -- information is available on Terra Soft's Web site.

This story, "InfiniBand comes to PowerPC Linux" was originally published by PCWorld.

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