Troll Touch adds touchscreen to 17-inch PowerBook

Troll Touch on Monday announced its SlipCOVER Touchscreen System for Apple Computer Inc.'s PowerBook G4 17-inch model. Using the SlipCOVER, 17-inch PowerBooks can be converted to provide touch input capability.

The SlipCOVER is a touchscreen overlay that slides down over the PowerBook's own display and plugs into an available USB port. A "kickstand" supports the display when in use. The device is made of an all-metal housing and has been powder-coated to complement the PowerBook's finish.

Included software enables you to calibrate the display. The SlipCOVER can be operated using a fingertip, gloved hand or stylus. Troll Touch also plans to introduce SlipCOVER models for 12- and 15-inch PoweRBooks and 12- and 14-inch iBooks. Troll Touch did not publish pricing for the new display interface.

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