SmileOnMyMac updates PDFpen app, adds Pro version

SmileOnMyMac on Tuesday made a pair of announcements regarding its PDF editing utility PDFpen: PDFpen 2.0 and PDFpenPro are now available. The former adds such new features as the ability to save and fill out PDF forms, text search, select and copy, the ability to add highlight mark-up to text and more. This is a free update for owners of version 1.x; the full software is US$49.95, with volume discounts available. Mac OS X v10.2.5 is required.

PDFpenPro extends PDFpen's functionality by enabling you to create cross-platform PDF forms that can be filled out by their recipients. The software's other features are the same as those found in PDFpen 2.0. System requirements are the same, while pricing is $94.95, with volume discounts and a $45 upgrade from PDFpen available. You can download 30-day demos of both PDFpen applications from the SmileOnMyMac Web site.

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