NoteTaker 1.9 adds plug-in architecture, more

AquaMinds Software on Friday released NoteTaker 1.9, an update to the developer's note-taking utility. The major new feature is support for plug-ins in the form of Java Applets. This release includes five sample plug-ins: SketchPad, a freehand drawing and text tool; VisualMap, a diagramming utility; Table, which creates simple Excel-style tables; DBQuery, a JDBC database query tool; and Calc, a basic calculator.

In addition, this version includes support for the Mac OS X Universal Access spoken interface VoiceOver, spring-loaded tabs and drawer views, enhancements to voice memo recording, highlight and summarize capabilities for creating dynamic hyperlinks, the option to paste information in HTML format and more. This is a free update for registered 1.x users; the full software is US$69.95, with academic licenses available for $39.95. Mac OS X v10.2 is required, but the plug-in functionality requires v10.3 and Java 2 release 1.4.2, update 2.

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