MWSF: IAA shows off Blackberry sync solution

This week, Research in Motion (RIM) is attending its first Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco as part of its partnership with Information Appliance Associates. The companies are displaying PocketMac for Blackberry, which enables Mac users to sync the popular handheld device with their computers. The software can sync any Blackberry with Entourage v.X and 2004 contacts and notes, Address Book, Now Up-to-Date Calendar, Contact and Tasks, iCal and Stickies notes. In addition, the application fully integrates with iSync, offering support for serial- and USB-based Blackberry devices and automatic sync-on-connection with the computer. Pricing is US$29.95 and Mac OS X v10.3 and 14MB of hard drive space are required.

This story, "MWSF: IAA shows off Blackberry sync solution" was originally published by PCWorld.

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