Car customizer offers 'Mac Mini Auto'

At 6.5 inches on a side, Apple Computer Inc.'s new Mac mini computer certainly is portable -- and now one enterprising auto customizing and restoration shop in Sloatsburg, New York says they'll offer Mac Mini Auto, a custom in-dash mounting system for the tiny machine. Classic Restorations wants to see the Mac mini become the "brain" of the car, serving as a multimedia center and Internet connectivity hub for road warriors.

The custom design incorporates a touch screen or conventional LCD panel. Mounting in a single-DIN slot in the dashboard, the Mac Mini Auto can also fit elsewhere, like in the glove box or any other location in the car. Classic Restorations envisions the Mac Mini Auto as a way for car enthusiasts to play games (not while driving, of course), view stored video files, listen to music, and, within reach of a Wi-Fi "Hotspot," surf the Web. Pricing was not announced, but the company said that it is taking reservations and has a "special introductory offer."

This story, "Car customizer offers 'Mac Mini Auto'" was originally published by PCWorld.

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