adds Mac mini

Is the iPod having a "halo effect" on Mac sales? The proof on that may still be out, but Apple's retail channel efforts with the iPod certainly may be helping its new Mac mini get some additional exposure, if is any indication. The online presence for the popular retail department store chain is now listing Apple's 1.2GHz, 40GB and 1.42GHz, 80GB models for US$499 and $599 respectively, the same price that consumers can expect to pay at Apple Stores and through other Apple resellers.

Target has carried the iPod and various iPod accessories in stock since 2003, and has apparently fared well with them -- slowly expanding the line to include Apple's popular iPod mini and third-party accessories and add-ons, as well as pre-paid gift cards to be used at the iTunes Music Store. This is the first time since then that we've seen a Mac model in their catalog. There's no indication yet if Target brick-and-mortar stores will carry the Mac mini as well -- often times, the company keeps its retail and online e-commerce efforts separate. Target lists availability of the Mac mini as "arriving in 2 to 6 weeks" and encourages prospective buyers to "order now."

This story, " adds Mac mini" was originally published by PCWorld.

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