Mac mini SuperDrive BTO change a typo, says Apple

Yesterday it appeared that Apple's online store was offering Mac mini buyers an 8x SuperDrive build-to-order (BTO) option for the same price as a 4x SuperDrive upgrade previously offered. That upgrade was changed back to 4x today -- but the 8x upgrade was nothing more than a typographical error, according to Apple.

The Mac mini ordinarily comes with a slot-loading DVD-ROM/CD-RW "Combo" drive, but customers who want to burn DVD-R's can pay an additional $100 to update to a "SuperDrive." For a brief time yesterday, Apple's online store listed an 8x SuperDrive as the upgrade option -- previously and more recently, it's listed as a 4x SuperDrive instead. 4x is consistent with what's offered in Apple's PowerBook, iBook and iMac G5 models.

The 4x/8x mixup was the result of a typographical error, according to an Apple spokesperson. The Apple representative told MacCentral that a 4x SuperDrive is the standard -- and only -- optical drive upgrade offered to Mac mini buyers. It was unclear what will happen to orders placed for the Mac mini where an 8x SuperDrive was specified.

Other build-to-order options for the Mac mini have also been changed since info on the Mac mini was originally posted, including a reduction in price on a 1GB RAM installation and a less-expensive AirPort Extreme/Bluetooth installation. Those options remain at their lower price.

Updated 2:55 PM 01/26/05: The article has been changed to reflect the information from Apple.

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