Mac Doom 3 goes gold master, in stores March 14

Aspyr Media Inc. announced Friday its long-awaited Macintosh conversion of id Software's hit first person shooter Doom 3 has gone "gold master," the final step before a game goes to production. Doom 3 for the Mac is expected to begin shipping on March 14, 2005.

Developed by id Software and brought to the Mac both by id and Aspyr Studios, Aspyr's in-house development team, Doom 3 is essentially a re-telling of the original Doom story, first brought to life more than a decade ago. You assume the role of a Marine sent as part of a detachment to guard a Union Aerospace Corp. facility on the planet Mars. There's an invasion of otherworldly, monstrous creatures, and you alone must push back the onslaught -- or risk this nightmare from reaching Earth itself.

Doom 3 utilizes a core game engine that provides significantly more realistic 3D graphics rendering effects than Mac users have seen in a game up to now. The high levels of detail come at a price: Minimum system requirements for the game call for Mac OS X v10.3.8 or later, a G4/1.5GHz or faster equipped with with 512MB RAM, 2.0GB hard disk, ATI Radeon 9600 or Nvidia GeForce FX5200 or better 3D graphics with at least 64MB VRAM, and a DVD drive. (Recommended system requirements are higher still -- a 2.0GHz G5 or faster and a video system with 128MB VRAM.)

Doom 3 went gold for the PC last July. Id Software promised a Mac version, but it was November before Aspyr announced plans to publish the game. Aspyr initially hoped to ship Doom 3 in February, but the ship date slipped to March.

Doom 3 is rated "M" for Mature by the ESRB and will cost US$49.99. It's available for pre-order from links on Aspyr's Web site.

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