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Price when rated: $550


  • Handy histogram
  • Speedy file transfer
  • Good–quality screen
  • Compact, ultrastylish body
  • Easy–to–use interface


  • Small LCD
  • EXIF data spread over five screens
  • Supports WAV, MOV, and Raw images from Nikon cameras only
  • EXIF data lettering is hard to read
  • Short battery life
Price when rated: 20GB, $350; 40GB, $470; 80GB, $550


  • Displays many Raw formats
  • Lets you manipulate Raw images
  • Comes in three hard–drive capacities
  • Case latches shut
  • High–quality audio through headphones
  • Superior industrial design
  • Lets you enlarge specific parts of an image


  • Arcane navigation system and interface
  • Slow performance
  • Inferior screen quality
  • Can’t print from device

Epson P-2000

Price when rated: $500


  • Supports several Raw formats
  • Supports and plays back several video formats
  • Big, brilliant screen
  • EXIF data clearly visible on gray background
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Friendly, icon–based interface
  • Good battery life


  • Doesn’t include Raw photos in slide shows
  • No histogram
  • Will not enlarge or rotate Raw photos
  • Can print only to certain Epson printers

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