Adding Text to Pictures

Reader Lane Loman would dearly love to slap some text on pictures he plans to post to his website. He writes:

I own three Apple computers—an eMac, iBook, and Mac mini. I have been trying to find out how to put text on a picture for my web site. If iPhoto offers this possibility, I have not yet discovered it. Is there a program that you could recommend if adding text to photos is not possible with iPhoto?

Wonderful as iPhoto may be, imposing text on pictures is a lot to ask from a program that was designed largely as a way to organize, display, and lightly edit your digital photos. I admire your desire to use a bundled application to perform this task, however.

For this reason I suggest that you open your Applications folder and launch one of the Macs’ copies of AppleWorks. Cantankerous as AppleWorks can be, you can still drag a picture from iPhotos into a draw document, create a block of text within that document, drag it to where you’d like it on the picture, and export the results in the supported format of your choosing.

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